The Goods Shed is FORM's space for exhibitions, installations and commissions; for artist and thinker residencies; for community activity and exchange. The transformation of The Goods Shed has been made possible by the partnership between LandCorp and FORM.

Art & Culture Matter.

At the goods shed we believe in:

  • Creativity for the common good
  • The power of ideas to shape legacy
  • Culture and creativity as precedents for change that enhances our cities and communities

Journeys. Collaboration. Connection.

Occupying a heritage railway building in the heart of Claremont, The Goods Shed invites people to connect locally and globally through culture and creativity.

The Goods Shed’s programs are about

  • community building and collaboration
  • curatorial, artistic and intellectual excellence
  • skill development, exchange and lifelong learning.

"Sometimes the creating we do is creating a platform that allows other creative people to pitch in"

Theaster Gates, PUBLIC 2015 Speaker

Cultural & Creative Hub

Exhibitions showcasing artwork and installations from leading local and international artists.


Community Events & Functions

Curated events and functions including exhibition openings, speakers or conversation lounges, events and venue-for-hire occasions.


Convenience for the Everyday

Beautiful landscaped gardens inviting public enjoyment year round, and an ongoing showcase of exhibitions and studio spaces.


The Goods Shed offers a platform to engage community, and transport through art, culture and ideas. Visit to take advantage of what the facilities have to offer:


The Lower Shed hosts artwork and installations by leading local and international artists.


The space behind the scenes, the Loading Dock is where ideas are formed, packaged and readied for sharing. A studio and residency area, it hosts guest artists and thinkers, and is a space for informal salons and creative conversation.


A daily coffee window offers the chance to refuel the body and mind, to meet friends and enjoy the beautiful gardens. It will also function as an occasional event bar.

The Goods Shed is a partnership initiative in collaboration with LandCorp as part of the Claremont on the Park project.

The Goods Shed is an initiative of FORM, an independent non-profit and charitable organisation dedicated to the creative development and cultural enrichment of Western Australia. For more info see