The Good Word 01

21 June

Last year United States artist and social activist Theaster Gates asked Perth “are we doing enough in our neighbourhoods to change the world?”

We’re FORM, a West Australian not for profit cultural organisation, and The Goods Shed is one of our responses to that challenge.

We’ve transformed one of Perth’s oldest buildings, the disused 1900’s rail shed on the Perth to Fremantle railway line, into a gallery, studio, workplace, garden and takeaway coffee window. Heritage elements have been kept, creating a hybrid of modern and original architecture and landscaping has created an accessible public green space linking with the town centre.

Throughout the 1920s and 1930s when everyone travelled by train, the life of Claremont happened at the station precinct. Back then, the good that happened around The Goods Shed was in meetings and partings by so many travellers passing between station platforms.  It was the goods loaded and unloaded in the rail yard, bound for the Royal Show. It was the good in letters to loved ones, released by departing soldiers from troop train windows, weighted with a coin, and picked up and posted by children who tore down to the station at the sound of a whistle.

The good we hope to generate at the Goods Shed will be in the meeting of minds and the making of art. We hope this hub will stand as a beacon for those seeking to discover, to create, to connect and to be inspired. The Goods Shed will run a program of daily, weekly and monthly events using creativity as a resource for the common good. A platform for the values, connections and life of our neighbourhood in ways that demonstrate leadership.

FORM is also taking up the mantle of Station Master, and moving our headquarters to the old Station Master’s House at Claremont Railway Station.

We want to bring life back to the Station precinct, creating a space where heritage, creativity and activity connect. 

Historically, the Station Master was responsible for orchestrating operations at the Station.  As the new Station Master, FORM will enliven the entire Station precinct through a staged transformation of the Station Master’s House, the adjoining yard and the disused, historic Platform 3 into a holistic community arts hub. To achieve this we will need to be resourceful, to raise funding for the bigger projects and physical transformation. We welcome support from the wider community in achieving this transformation.

We invite you to create and explore with us at Perth’s newest hub for culture and community.