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What Now?

We’re beyond excited to welcome our latest exhibition What Now? The next generation of Martumili artists to the walls of The Goods Shed, opening Wednesday 7 October.

What Now? features emerging talent from Martumili Artists in Parnpajinya (Newman), one of Western Australia’s most vibrant remote Aboriginal art centres. The exhibition is a collective celebration of the dynamic paintings and photography produced across the vast East Pilbara. It comprises bold new works created by the brightest Martu artists, informed by Country, empowered by culture and inspired by their predecessors.

Though the artists participating in What Now? are considered ‘emerging’, they are aged between 24  and 80. Some senior artists have been painting for several years but are experiencing a significant change in the direction of their practice. In addition, younger Martu artists learn to paint by observing and assisting their older relatives. What Now? demonstrates how they are developing their own styles that still reflect the powerful influence of their elders.

What Now? is an evocative expression of family and heritage told by Gladys Kuru Bidu, Biddy Bunawarrie, Marianne Burton, Derrick Butt, Doreen Chapman, Lorna Linmurra, Mary Rowlands, Judith Anya Samson, Helen Dale Samson, Debra Thomas, Cyril Whyoulter, Corban Clause Williams, and Tamisha Williams.

Come and immerse yourself in Martu Country while supporting artists from Western Australia’s regions.

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